Commercial Locksmith Services

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Businesses throughout the local community will require reliable and skilled Commercial locksmith services from time to time.

Do you need your office locks re-keyed?

Do you have other service needs for security or property access concerns?

If you need such services, you can turn to us for fast, quality services! We will help you solve your current issues and problems at your workplace.

For years YPL Locksmith & Security technicians has been assisting and providing solutions for businesses in and around New York.

We provide our services to schools, hospitals, apartment complexes, condominiums and other commercial buildings.

Commercial Locksmith Services in New York
Commercial Locksmith Services in New York

Our Commercial Locksmith Services includes:

  • Locks Re-key
  • Install and repair all types of locks and cylinders
  • High Security Locks & Cylinders
  • Keyless access
  • Access Control systems
  • Alarm Systems
  • Intercom
  • Emergency Lockout services
  • Master key systems
  • Safes

Securing Your Office with Our Expert Locksmiths!

Our locksmith technicians can help you make your business space more safe and secure.

Many offices, warehouses and other areas in the commercial industry have more than one point of entry where security is a must, for that we can set-up or upgrade a locking system that meets your needs.

This may include the set-up of an access control system like swipe card, coded keypads, electronic locks  or other types of features.

With these locking devices you will make the burglar life much more harder, you’ll monitor any entry and control who enters at certain times of the day.

Lock Your Business to Burglars!

If you are like most business owners, monitoring your points of entry is not your only security concern.

You may also be concerned about burglar accessing the property via other areas like:

  • Windows
  • Garage Doors
  • Sheds

and even your own employee that work for your organization!

The setup of the right surveillance and alarm system can help you in these areas.

We are able to analyze your property’s needs, identify blind spots in your current system, and improve them upon the level of security in your facility.

if you don’t have the right system we can defiantly install you one that will make your business a safer place.   

Our systems are designed to deter criminal activity because of their visible presence, and they can also alarm local authorities when a crime does occur.

YPL Locksmith Theft Protection
YPL Locksmith Theft Protection

Always Keep The Number Of a Genuine Locksmith

Commercial locksmith services can be far-reaching in their benefits.

There may arise an urgent need to re-key your locks in the middle of the night, or you may have other concerns or issues that need to be addressed.

The fact is that we can help you with any issues. You can request an appointment from our friendly and expert commercial locksmiths. Contact our office right now and we will begin working for you without delay.

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